Marketing Director

Havenly is a non-profit food business on a mission to build the community power of refugee and immigrant women through job training, education, and organizing.  Through our fellowship participants gain increased confidence in their own agency and voice and obtain the skills to identify, analyze, and take action against the injustices facing their communities.  We are seeking a driven, creative and knowledgeable marketing director to drive our mission, brand recognition, and sales into the next stage. We are a small but growing team - the position will involve a high degree of responsibility, ownership over the future of the organization, and opportunity for professional and personal growth. We operate in a community and leadership-experience driven structure. We are a good fit for driven individuals with marketing skills that want to commit their careers and life to making lasting change.

Marketing Director: 

Reporting to the Co-Executive Director for Development, the Marketing director will have overall responsibility for the development of Havenly’s brand using promotion and advertising strategies, including communications about its mission and work, digital marketing to increase sales, donor communications, and other lead generation strategies. 


  1. Develop annual and quarterly marketing plans and campaigns for our cafe;
  2. Run and manage weekly analytics of restaurant and online sales;
  3. Coordinate and spearhead PR opportunities; 
  4. Research competitors to stay current with similar products or services in the market;
  5. Develop digital marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, creating and conducting online advertisement and using web-based tools to generate more leads and keep current clients and donors; 
  6. Measure the impact of marketing efforts and adapt strategy accordingly, reviewing current trends and advertisements to determine the effectiveness of different styles and strategies;
  7. Run marketing and digital advertisements for crowd sourced fundraising campaigns; 
  8. Create and maintain a successful image that attract customers and supporters to Havenly while communicating our mission and impact; 
  9. Create content across media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Website, Blog..); 
  10. Oversee packaging and graphic design efforts;
  11. Develop new products with the Operations Director;
  12. Manage and oversee newsletter creation with the Sales Director; and
  13. Support organizing and advocacy efforts through content and media creation.


The Marketing Director will be thoroughly committed to Havenly's mission. All candidates should have 3-5 years of proven marketing and communications experience.

Specific requirements include: 

  • Degree (bachelor’s degree accepted but master’s preferred) in marketing, business, communications, digital media, economics, business or nonprofit management, migration and/or ethnic studies, or equivalent work experience; 
  • 3-5 years of experience in marketing, public relations, and/or fundraising with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders and partners; 
  • Experience with analyzing data in order to identify, set, and implement sales and marketing strategies;
  • Proficiency in analysis and design software, specifically Canva, Adobe Creative Suite;
  • Excellent command of digital media campaigns across media platforms, including SEO, Google Analytics, Facebook Business Suite; 
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills and ability to effectively communicate Havenly’s mission and key programs in a simple and compelling manner;
  • Innovative mindset with an ability to storytell and adopt creative approaches to content creation; 
  • Ability to lead groups and be decisive; 
  • Deep belief in Havenly’s mission;
  • Experience working across diverse sets of barriers (linguistic, cultural, gendered, age-based, educational); ability to point to specific ways in which working across those barriers has affected ability to work and principles that drive your work; 
  • Independent worker, collaborative, highly organized and open minded; and
  • Comfortable in a multilingual environment, fluency in a second language is highly preferred. 

Next Steps 

Starting Salary: $50,000/year with generous benefit package

Anticipated Start Date: May/June 2023

Email your resume and an optional cover letter expressing why you are interested in the position to



Assistant Kitchen Manager:

Job Description: Kitchen Assistant Manager  

Salary: $20/hour with growth to salaried position after 3-month trial

Full-time: 35 hours per week with evening availability (2:00PM - 7:00PM)

Havenly is a non-profit food business on a mission to build the community power of refugee and immigrant women.  We are looking for an Assistant Kitchen Manager to ensure all daily activities at the Havenly cafe run smoothly and efficiently.

Assistant Kitchen Manager responsibilities include: overseeing kitchen inventory, coordinating large catering orders, ensuring that all food safety protocols are followed, and supporting the training of Havenly fellows.

More detailed responsibilities:

  1. Ensure that in-store orders are properly prepared;
  2. Ensure that catering orders are properly prepared;
  3. Assist Kitchen Manager with training kitchen employees;
  4. Assist Kitchen Manager in providing high quality customer service;
  5. Monitor compliance with safety and hygiene regulations in partnership with kitchen manager;
    1. Ensure that all food safety standards are followed by entire staff;
  6. Oversee restaurant and kitchen inventory;
    1. Estimate food needs; 
    2. Coordinate purchasing of ingredients; 
    3. Coordinate purchase of equipment as stock is damaged or depleted;
  7. Handle increased responsibilities when the kitchen manager is away.


  • 3 to 5 years in position of responsibility in a commercial kitchen;
  • Experience training and managing staff;
  • Strong cooking skills and adaptability in the kitchen; 
  • ServSafe certification;
  • Detail oriented and well organized; 
  • Strong multitasking skills; 
  • English fluency (additional fluency in Arabic preferred);
  • Strong belief in the Havenly mission;
  • Patience, kindness and a mentoring heart.

If interested please email your resume