Introducing Career Bridges

Introducing Career Bridges

We're excited to launch Career Bridges, our newest program designed to support refugee and immigrant women with high levels of academic or professional experience. Career Bridges offers tailored mentorship and internship opportunities, building pathways to participants' desired careers in the US. We host an 8-week workshop series in topics such as career mapping, advocating for yourself in a professional setting, confidence-building, and more. This is followed by a 12 week paid internship program at worksites aligned with women's long-term goals.
We have the dual objective with this program of creating opportunities for immigrant and refugee women, as well as of helping New Haven organizations connect with the much needed skills and talents that these women bring. The New Haven area is continually becoming more diverse, with more and more languages being spoken and people of all different cultures and nationalities. Businesses, public institutions, and social service organizations alike can only benefit from employing people who reflect and respond to that growing diversity. We hope for our Career Bridges Program to be a connector between local employers and immigrant and refugee women professionals for the benefit of the whole community.
Stay tuned for updates on our participants' progress and the continued growth of this transformative program!
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This is truly an inspiring and impactful initiative! The Career Bridges program is a great example of how nonprofit organizations can make a positive difference in the lives of refugee and immigrant women, providing them with the support and opportunities they deserve.

As New Haven is becoming more diverse, it’s crucial for businesses to embrace and celebrate this diversity, and your Career Bridges Program serves as a fantastic connector in achieving this goal.

I am eager to follow the progress of the program’s participants and witness the transformative impact it will have on their lives and the community.

Kudos to Havenly for taking such a meaningful step towards creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for everyone involved. It is very heartwarming to see. Wishing you continued success and growth as you embark on this vital journey!


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