Aaron Gruen

Aaron has always believed that food has the power to heal, uplift, and empower. Aaron works in operations and sales, with the goal of expanding Havenly’s impact, sourcing meaningful partnerships, and improving customer experiences. He is a senior in high school, and will begin attending Tufts later this year.

Alysha Siddiqi

Alysha is a student at Yale University, studying Political Science and Global Health. She is passionate about healthcare for refugees and immigrant communities, and works primarily with Havenly’s communications team. She is excited to expand Havenly’s role in the New Haven community and beyond, through engaging local communities in Havenly’s mission of supporting and empowering refugee and immigrant women. 

Morgan Hanna-Ghattas

Coming from an immigrant-family background, Morgan has always been interested in migration and the various circumstances that arise when individuals migrate. Morgan works on fellowship and the communications teams, constantly thinking through both how the  organization's theory of change is implemented and communicated. Morgan studies Political Science and Modern Middle East Studies at Yale and will be graduating in May 2021. 

Ayah Elmansy

Ayah is currently a senior at Yale University studying Neuroscience and Global Health. Throughout her time in New Haven, she’s loved having the opportunity to engage with immigrant and refugee communities in the city and utilizing her Arabic skills to form meaningful connections within those communities. At Havenly, she works on the fellowship and one-on-one teams to provide direct support to fellows in the program, whether it’s through teaching classes or aiding in the employment search. 

Ruqaiyah Damrah

Ruqaiyah is a student at Yale University studying Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. She comes from an immigrant and refugee family background, which has led to her interest in migration and identity, especially in refugees from the Middle East. She works on Havenly’s fellowship team, providing support for the women and helping to craft and teach the fellowship curriculum. 

Qusay Omran

Born and raised in Bahrain before coming to the United States in 2011, Qusay joined Havenly shortly after its founding and has worked on efforts ranging from Arabic interpretation and fellowship coordination to volunteer recruitment and curriculum writing. Like other volunteers, Qusay is passionate about the lives and well-being of migrants living in the United States, a focus largely informed by his experience as an asylee in the country. At Yale, he is a pre-medical student and Chemistry major who will be graduating in May 2021.

Leila Iskandarani

Leila is a junior at Yale, where she studies history and economics. She joined Havenly in September 2019 and primarily works on Havenly’s sales team. She has deeply appreciated the opportunity to engage with immigrant and refugee communities in New Haven through various channels, including Havenly, and is excited to see Havenly continue to grow and support those communities.